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Mom’s 60th Birthday Celebration by peterepete
February 23, 2012, 5:49 pm
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Come join us!



SURPRISE! by peterepete
October 11, 2011, 6:07 pm
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Did I shock you by actually posting?  I thought probably.  I’ve made a resolve to update all that’s gone on for the last five months, but I’ve made a lot of resolves recently so I’m sure at least one of them will fall :).  Don’t expect too much.

Let’s see, what’s new?… I’ve got pictures of stuff that I’ll put in individual posts so it’s not just one long one, but surely I can think of something that doesn’t have a picture to go along with it… Pollyanna!

Over the weekend I found several “Roosevelt” movies that I remember watching while I was growing up.  Pollyanna was going to be on the TV, so I set it to record and was so excited to watch.  It’s one of those that I remember watching often at Grandma’s with my siblings and cousins, but couldn’t tell you exactly the storyline.  Trevor laughed and made it clear he had no interest in sitting through it.

Since Eliot had a break from school on Monday, we made plans for Sunday to have a mother/daughter date and stay up late to watch Pollyanna.  She was so excited, but more about the privilege of staying up late, I’m sure, since she had no idea about this movie.  She had asked what it was rated and I assured her it was G or PG.  She was quick to remind me that PG-13 wouldn’t be appropriate for her to watch.  Nice.  Thanks for the reminder :).

Trevor finally surrendered control of the TV, close to 8:30 p.m., stating the early bedtime would be good for him.  We started the movie and -as you recall- the opening scene is of a naked boy riding a rope swing into water.  At the sight of the bare butt there was need for some reassurance that it was “Eliot appropriate”.

It was so enjoyable to me.  I giggled most of the time.  I had so much fun sitting and reminiscing wonderful memories from my youth.  I was sad Leah and Jenny weren’t with me :(.  The movie seemed to keep Eliot’s attention, and Trevor admitted he enjoyed it enough to move his bedtime to after 11:00 p.m. with Eliot and me. 

During the movie I suggested she could be Pollyanna for Halloween (it’s coming close too fast) and she acted excited, but hasn’t made any firm commitments yet.  While Pollyanna was trying to climb from the tree to her window after the bazaar, Eliot was so tense she finally yelled out, “Just get inside and then get your doll!”

As the final scene ended, I turned to Eliot and asked what she thought.  Seeing her saddened face covered with tears was not what I expected.  I felt so bad to be almost laughing with pleasure while she explained to me what made her sad.  “I was afraid Pollyanna was going to die.”  We talked about the overall story and how we could follow the example of Pollyanna and play the “Glad Game.”  Eliot started to smirk a little like I was being silly, but soon made me feel comfortable sending her to bed.

Since then, Eliot has made several references to Pollyanna and wants to watch it again with me.  I can’t say that I think Old Yeller is a good idea, but it was on too and since I don’t remember seeing it I recorded it also.  I think I’ll watch it without her for now.

Eli’s new ‘do by peterepete
May 30, 2011, 3:00 am
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Last year, Eliot was determined to grow her hair long so it could be styled in a variety of ways.  She did very well to grow it, and it grows beautifully, but she hasn’t really loved having it styled OR combed with all the snarls.  A few months ago I tried to help her understand that having it short may be the better option because it would have less snarls and although we wouldn’t do much to style it, it would look better than just straight and scraggly hair.  I wasn’t at all convincing.  Even when she complained of her neck being uncomfortably hot, my short-hair-cut solution wasn’t as strong as hers – two piggie tails every day, just below and behind her ears.

It wasn’t until we were on the webcam with Montana one day and she showed us her new haircut that Eliot decided it would be a good idea to cut it short.  “I want to be twins with Montana!” was the repeated comment.  So, we tried to act fast before she changed her mind and made an appointment with my friend Alyson.  Her hair was so long we were even able to donate it to Locks of Love.  Eliot filled out the donation form herself and is anxious to get her “receipt” letter from them.  Here are some before, during and after shots:

I LOVE the way it looks on her, and am continually amazed at what beautiful hair she has.  She has received so many compliments, and she really enjoys them.  Even a lady we didn’t know in the check-out line behind us at the grocery store just a few days after the change said, “I love your hair cut.”  Eliot smiled and politely said ‘thank you’ but quickly turned to me and asked, “How did she know I got my hair cut?”  I tried to explain that the lady didn’t know it was such a recent -and drastic- change, but rather liked the style.  We have since made several bows that allow Eliot to easily clip her bangs back, but she’s already complaining of snarls again.  What to do…?

Some bunny fun by peterepete
May 20, 2011, 2:03 am
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I told Mom long ago that I’d send these pictures to her, but am just now taking the time.  Enjoy!  And thanks for the fun!

I think Sid decided the pacifier trade-off was worth it.

“I should have put on my brakes” by peterepete
April 6, 2011, 4:34 pm
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…part 2 of our weekend started shortly after we got home from the movie.

Trevor rushed off to the Stake’s Tailgating Party previous to the Priesthood Session of General Conference and Eliot went to Brinley’s house to have dinner and play for a bit.  I tried to offer Sid some dinner but he still wasn’t eating well.  Brinley’s mom called and said the girls wanted to ride bikes but since Eliot didn’t have her bike they were going to take turns on Brinley’s bike and scooter, but wanted to see if I was okay with it since they don’t have a helmet for Eliot.  I said I needed to run an errand anyway so I would bring Eliot’s bike and helmet and let them ride for the 20-30 minutes my errand would take and then be back to take Eliot home.

I had barely arrived at my errand destination when Alyson called, and since I knew she knew I was coming right back I thought something was wrong.  apparently Eliot collided with a neighbor friend while riding bikes and Alyson thought Eli might need stitches.  I returned to Alyson’s quickly and found Eliot with drops of blood all over her clothes and bike.  She removed the paper towel wad from her nose/mouth area and I immediately thought of this:

Sep 2006

A few years ago Eliot was trying to put a hymn book away at church, but she missed the cubby with the book and got it with her face instead.  This is a picture of Trevor’s doctor job; a band-aid cut in half lengthwise.

This time, I took Eliot home and got her in the bath thinking that I could hold this cut together well with some steri-strips and it would be good.  However, after washing it out well I got a little more concerned so Trevor came home from his meeting and took to the “doctoring”.  He opted for super glue and topped it off with a steri-strip.   He’s getting more “advanced”
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
None of the adults supervising the bike-riding can give a great understanding on the actual impact.  Faith was riding her bike down the driveway with her feet up and off her pedals.  Eliot was heading up the driveway pedaling “really hard and fast.”  I was told Faith got a pretty good cut on the underside of her chin, but they say Eliot got the force of the impact, and the way the swelling and bruising keep increasing I would have to say I agree with them.  In the “day 3” picture you can see the scab is the darkest spot under her nostril, and the rest is bruising.  Her lip has been so swollen that close to the bottom of her top lip you can see bruising as well that is really visible when you lift up her lip, like in “day 2”.
She’s doing better now, but the first day or two just kept telling me that she “should have put on my brakes.  Faith couldn’t since her feet were up, but I should have.”  It’s been kind of funny to hear her think through the events of it.  And, from this experience she has decided she never wants to have another bloody nose (on top of the cut Alyson said her nose was just gushing blood).  Sadly, I’ve admitted that I’m glad I wasn’t there during the initial stages because I think I would have panicked a bit :).
I thought that was enough excitement for one weekend, but I was wrong…
Sunday night Eliot came into our room in the middle of the night in tears because she threw up and didn’t make it to the bathroom.  Wow.  Just pile it on.  The only thing I thought might be worse was if there was a newborn in the mix that needed my attention while I tried to help Eliot bathe (the vomit got all over in her hair) and change her sheets.  Crazy thing, parenthood :).  I love it!

Tangled… in vomit by peterepete
April 6, 2011, 3:43 pm
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I think I’m finally recovering from a “Mom’s Reality Check” weekend.  Here’s part one:

Rather than brave the busy crowd at the elementary school carnival, we decided to brave Sidney’s behavior at the dollar movie to see Tangled.  He just doesn’t like to sit still for two minutes -or on someone’s lap at all- but just ten minutes after the movie actually started he seemed to be getting comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms.  I thought it was working perfect because he hadn’t had an afternoon nap and it was his bedtime.  Those thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I realized we were both covered in vomit :(.

I hobbled to the restroom, but paused along the way to ask the usher for help.  The help I received was very appreciated as I tried to clean myself off while Sidney took a bath in the sink of the women’s restroom – I’ve never been so regretful that I didn’t have a phone or camera in my pocket :).  We made it back to the auditorium and I thought we could sit through the movie, until I noticed Eliot breathing strange.  I realized she was trying not to smell the stink radiating from me and I concluded that those in the surrounding rows probably smelled the odor as well, so we left.

The drive home was interesting too; since Trevor is a “sympathy” vomit-er (and Eliot seems to be) we tried to blow the stink out by having all the windows down.  However, each time we slowed or stopped, the stench of course got worse; and, Sidney throwing up twice more before we made it home didn’t help either.

A little ironic or sad, really, but on the way to the movie that night I mentioned to Trevor that I forgot to refill the diaper bag so I hoped we wouldn’t need to change Sid’s diaper.  It made his “bath” that night a little more interesting as I tried to salvage the diaper he had been wearing.  And, it was earlier that day as I put him in the car seat that I told myself, “I REALLY need to clean this.  Tomorrow I’ll finally take it out of the car and disassemble it to wash the cover and everything.”  There’s nothing like a good throw-up to really convince you it’s time to clean a car seat :).

Saturday afternoon Eliot, Brinley and I headed back to the theater to use the rainchecks and actually see the entire movie Tangled.  We were able to watch it in 3D, which was funny in itself.  Every time there was a chase scene or it started to get a little tense Eliot would quickly reach up and tear off her 3D glasses.  She told me she likes to see movies in 3D, but it makes them more scary.  Brinley, on the other hand wouldn’t wear her glasses at all and said she didn’t mind the movie being blurry.  Funny…

Celebrate the Arts by peterepete
March 29, 2011, 5:24 pm
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A couple weeks ago a letter came home from school stating that a piece of Eliot’s artwork had been selected to be displayed at a district art show.  I asked her about it and she said she didn’t know what we would see.  We went to the reception last Friday evening and she was so excited to identify her art, and see some classmates as well.

Eliot’s was listed as “cut paper” and she pointed out each piece of fruit.  However, the green one on the top left with white “seeds” she couldn’t remember :).  She explained, “There’s a banana, blueberries, an orange, grapes and… a strawberry? or an apple?”  So, I guess it’s true to artwork: it’s up for your own interpretation.

I’m very proud of her, and it was enjoyable to see her own excitement and pride.